Boost controller BC33 Буст контролер

  • 49,00 лв.
In-cabin boost controller.
- 100% Brand New. Never been Tried or Installed.
- Perfect for all Turbocharged Cars Running Between 1-30 psi.
- Made with CNC Machined and Anodized Aluminum.
- Comes with all Necessary Accessories.
- Professional Installation is Highly Recommended.
- Universal fits all Turbo Cars.
Increasing boost pressure is often the most cost effective increase in horsepower. It avoids having to replace wastegate springs, which is not an adjustable fixed increase. It allows boost pressure to be adjusted above the standard setting. To avoid using un-reliable methods of increasing Boost, such as shortening the actuator rod. That causes spring bind in the actuator and restricts flow through the wastegate. It's designed to be mounted inside the cabin and allows for boost adjustment on the run. Ideal for the active
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